Application of touch stand and touch kiosk in home appliance stores


Designing specialized touch table software suitable for construction companies

One of the basic applications of Imotach touch table is the use of this technology in construction and construction companies because it creates a close-to-reality perspective and image of what will happen after the completion of the project in the minds of customers, which in turn can make the issue of buying easier for them.

Imotach Touch Table at Nasim Building Development Company

Equipping Omran Nasim Construction Company with imotach touch table, by Imotach Group, has caused customers and applicants of this construction company to get the information they need with more interaction and understanding of the projects under construction or construction of the company.

E-motach service desk in Tehran's 7th district municipality

The municipality of The Haft District of Tehran uses the E-Motach desk in its building for ease and more utilization of its employees.

Mobliran Store and Imotach Touch Stand Technology

Mobliran Complex is known as one of the well-known brands in the field of office and home furniture industry.

Golden Touch Kiosk imotouch in Sanam Carpet Gallery (Iran Mall)

Sanam Carpet Gallery is one of the largest and most prestigious companies producing exquisite and unique Iranian handmade carpets that are known all over the world.

The 25th Elecomp Exhibition in Tehran

The 25th Tehran International Elecomp Exhibition was held from 18 to 21 July 2019 in Tehran International Permanent Fairground with the presence of a large number of electronic, computer and online businesses activists.

A few important tips on buying touch kiosks

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The necessity of using imotach touch stand in university environments

The necessity of using imotach touch stand in university environments Today, technological equipment is used in every university and scientific environment. The classrooms and campus environment […]