Touch kiosk

    attractive and harmonious design

    Combining black crystal in the front and a solid metal structure

    Compatibility with the interior architecture of different spaces and possibilities

    Has a touch screen to induce a sense of pleasure and create a lasting experience in the mind of the audience

    Ability to run software under Windows and Android operating systems


Designing a modern and attractive product requires careful attention to detail, which is well recognizable in the IS2 model. The technology distinguishes itself well in luxurious spaces by being integrated into a frame by combining black crystal in the front view and a solid metal structure. With a harmonious and consistent design, this model is suitable for being in the center of all spaces.

Touch kiosk model IS2 is considered as a standing product of Imo Touch company. This product with its eye-catching design and resemblance to a smartphone, doubles the visual beauty of places and attracts the eyes of the audience. The use of metallic color of the parts along with the clear and shiny front view, has made the IS2 touch kiosk a work of art that deserves to be present in any space with any level of interior architecture. Like the touch desk, the IS2 touch stand is a display with FULL HD resolution and the possibility of ten simultaneous touches and running software under Windows and Android. Wi-Fi wireless internet connection, 4G SIM card installation, HDMI output and LAN and USB port are among the features of this device.

What sets the IS2 Touch kiosk apart from the Touch table is the difference in product layout and location. The IS2 touch kiosk is upright and therefore draws the attention of clients of public places such as mall lobbies from afar to the interactive offers and advertisements offered on it. In addition, due to the shape of the IS2 touch screen display, it is an ideal product for running responsive sites and mobile applications, and evokes the space of a 55-inch mobile phone with all its features for the audience. The ability to display full-length images of clothing models and portrait photos are other benefits of the IS2 Touch Kiosk.

Where we can use Touch kiosk

Advantages of a touch kiosk

beautiful design

Create a customer database

Design according to customer tastes

Excellent quality of parts

Reasonable and competitive price

Create a lasting visual experience in the minds of the customer and the audience

Touch kiosk features

Windows and Android operating systems

connect to the Internet via WIFI, LAN

10 touch points

USB, LAN, HDMI, VGA input ports

Possibility to install printers and scanners

multi-touch software

Full HD & 4k resolution

speaker and audio output

Ability to upgrade CPU and RAM

Touch Type OS support Ports Dimension (cm) Resolution CPU Ram Display
10 point Windows, Android, Linux USB2, USB3, LAN, HDMI, VGA, AUDIO W: 115 H: 128 D: 45 FHD 1920*1080 Core i3, i5, i7 8GB, 16 GB 55” touch