About us

Gol Yas Company with Yasco brand started its activity in the field of various types of touch kiosks and touch stands with imotouch brand in 2012 with the aim of supplying and supplying all kinds of electronic equipment to the Iranian market. Initially, the company supplied and imported a variety of interactive systems and touch screens kiosk in order to transfer the latest technologies in the world, but in recent years, due to the extensive measures taken in the field of research and development of these products, using The most capable electronic engineers and professional designers succeeded in designing and producing various types of touch stands and touch tables with the imotouch brand to suit a variety of customer tastes in various dimensions, sizes, designs and colors.

Providing quality products and services and timely support is one of the organizational values ​​of Yasco Company. In this regard, the after-sales service unit of the company, using the most committed and specialized personnel, does its best to obtain maximum satisfaction from its customers has taken.

The company always offers the best offers for its customers by offering a variety of interactive and touch products in the form of touch kiosk (interactive kiosks) and dedicated software for touch screens.

What distinguishes imotouch touch devices (touch kiosk , touch table) from other similar products is special service and support, reasonable price, design tailored to customer tastes, high quality parts and production of custom interactive application tailored to each user's location. The device is so that customers can choose the product they want with complete confidence. .