imotouch touch stand in malls, shopping malls and stores
Researchers' studies show that 68% of customers in shopping malls and stores decide to buy. In the meantime, advertising screens attract the audience 7 times more than print ads. Among the types of advertising screens, those screens that are in the view of the audience and have interactive advertising content increase 42 to 60 percent of the instantaneous decision to buy products in the customer. Imotach touch stand as an interactive advertising display, creates a unique experience in the customer and is considered as an efficient and effective tool in increasing sales and promoting the brand image of your product or service to customers.

Applications of imotouch kiosks in shopping malls and malls:
• Touch kiosk, router information and shopping center guide
• Touch stand, content of digital catalog of stores products
• Promotional touch screen to present shopping center advertisements
• Touch kiosk to inform shopping center events and promotions
to inform weather, special and cultural events and days, statistics and economic or sports news
• Touch screen display for program Customer Loyalty and Visitor Evaluation
• Touch kiosk To share media and social networks,

our customers use successful and effective methods to increase sales and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and return on investment using the imotouch kiosk . Methods such as QR code advertising, interactive polls, access to social media pages, linking to stand-alone content, and product advertising on other media, especially television, and countless other methods.

The benefits of using imotouch kiosk in different malls, shopping malls and stores can vary. Some of these benefits include:
• Attracting the audience and increasing instant purchases
• Increasing sales by targeting the audience at the point of sale
• Reducing the cost of environmental advertising
• Reproducibility and the possibility of frequent updates
• Generating additional revenue by providing advertising content for companies and products They
• The possibility of using ads with the same standard in the branches