imotouch kiosks in banks and institutions
imotouch kiosk is widely used in banks and institutions as a suitable alternative to flow charts and print information banners. Definitely a great high quality display in front of the viewers with moving and attractive images is an unrivaled tool to attract the attention of the audience. Touch kiosks in banks and financial institutions significantly improve customer interaction and increase their knowledge and trust in the products and services of the institution by creating a pleasant atmosphere, reducing waiting time, quick and convenient access to economic news, news And new products increase the financial sphere. Touch kiosk prevents the loss of assets in advertising and print media by reducing costs and preserving the valuable assets of organizations as capital goods.

Advantages and applications of imotouch kiosk in banks and financial institutions:
• Touch information kiosk for guidance and map of buildings at the entrance and lobby of centers
• Touch information stand for brand history, company, management and employees and related news
• Touch screen kiosk to provide advertising campaigns for special and periodic financial services and plans
• Touch kiosk to provide online financial market information and stock indexes
• Touch kiosk equipped with software for calculating financial operations for customers
• Touch stand to provide daily news, public advertising and weather